My Story

There's just nothing like a good song. 

My earliest memories are of my mother passionately playing sweeping classical pieces on the piano and pipe organ.  Those cascades of melodies gave me the wings to fly off in my own musical direction as a self taught vocalist, guitarist, and songwriter.  While the beautifully arranged sonatas and concertos were speaking to me, forming my musical sensibilities and tuning my ear, it was the songs that were being played on mainstream radio that consumed me.  Rock, pop, folk, swing, jazz, standards, reggae...I would sing them, sing over them, make up my own versions, play them for my friends and play them in bands.  I played and played, until it was second nature.  It became who I was.  

I've never stopped. 

I play these songs of our lives, giving them new life by putting my personal spin on them.  I've been playing wineries, wine bars, pubs, corporate events, fairs, weddings, and so on, for years, and what I hear most from the people listening is how much they love my version of their request and surprise at my selections.  It is so good to bring everyone together with a song or a set. 

I would love to come make the evening memorable for you and your guests.  

There's just nothing like a good song.